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Skilled Nursing Care

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Carmona's Care

In Home Care located in Los Angeles, CA

Hospitalization isn’t always required when you have a chronic medical condition or while recovering from surgery, but you still benefit from medical support and care. The skilled nursing staff of Carmona’s Care includes registered nurses and physical therapists who provide around-the-clock, in-home medical assistance for residents in Los Angeles and the surrounding counties. Call the office today if you need support.

Skilled Nursing Care Q & A

What services does Carmona’s Care offer?

The goal of skilled nursing is to help you recover and rehabilitate as quickly as possible so you can return to your normal life and full independence.

Services may include administering medications, injections, physical therapy, monitoring of vital signs, and nutritional support. Carmona’s Care also provides arrangements for home medical equipment, telemedicine, mobile x-rays and ultrasounds, pharmacy services, wound care, and IV fluid therapy. The staff can also help you change dressings and do challenging tasks around the home.

Skilled nursing services may also include speech therapy, to help restore the ability to communicate following a stroke; physical therapy, to restore balance or basic function; or occupational therapy, to help you become independent again when it comes to personal hygiene, eating, and dressing.

What are the benefits of in-home skilled nursing care?

You’ll enjoy the comfort of your own home but have access to 24-hour care. In-home support means fewer trips to the hospital and faster recovery. The proper care helps prevent infections to wounds or surgical sites.

Skilled nursing also provides you the right to recover at home, rather than in a sterile, impersonal environment and remain as independent and dignified as possible, without compromising your health. It supports family or other care givers and can be invaluable to seniors and other people with acute, compromising medical conditions who live alone. Skilled nursing care also provides your loved ones with the peace of mind that your medical needs are being met in a comfortable, compassionate manner.

Who is a candidate for skilled nursing care?

Skilled nursing care provides short-term support for people of all ages. It’s most appropriate after a specific incident, such as a stroke or surgery. Seniors, post-surgery patients, and children or adults with chronic conditions all benefit from the professional care provided by Carmona’s Care.

What areas does Carmona’s Care serve?

Carmona’s Care provides the highest quality, professional care to people who live in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Lancaster, Orange County, and Ventura County. The coordinating business office is located in Palmdale, California.

Insurance We Accept

We accept Medicare and MediCal. Private Insurance and Private Pay. We can work with your insurance, please give us a call you have questions.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Healthcare