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Registered Dietician Specialist

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When you have compromised health or are recovering from surgery or an illness, eating well is of paramount importance. A registered dietitian can help you plan meals so you get all the nutrients you need. Carmona’s Care, servicing residents of Los Angeles and the surrounding counties, can arrange for a registered dietitian to come to your home and work with you to create an eating plan best for your needs.

Registered Dietician Q & A

How can a registered dietitian help manage my health needs?

If you have a chronic health problem, are elderly, recovering from surgery, or are rehabbing from a serious health incident such as a stroke, you have specific nutrient needs that promote healing and management of your condition. A registered dietitian reviews your diet, makes suggestions as to foods to include, and helps you learn how to incorporate them in your day-to-day meals.

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, for example, a registered dietitian helps you understand which foods may possibly complicate your condition. They may also help coach you if you have heart disease, cancer, or swallowing disorders that compromise the foods you can comfortably eat.

What makes a registered dietitian uniquely qualified?

A registered dietitian is accredited by the Council of Education in Nutrition and Dietetics and has undergone multiple levels of education and training. They listen to your needs and goals, as well as coordinate with other medical care staff to maximize your health and recovery.

For example, a registered dietitian goes over your lab results to help you better understand the nutrients that affect your condition. They’ll help you know if you need to monitor your salt intake, calories, fats, sugars, or other compounds.This way, you can focus on the foods that benefit you the most when it comes to managing your health.

How can a registered dietitian help with in-home care?

Carmona’s Care’s goal of providing the highest quality private care in the community would be incomplete without offering the services of registered dietitians to people in need.  

Seniors and people with degenerative health conditions are at risk of not getting all the nutrients they need. Food prep becomes more challenging as function declines. In addition, health problems make it hard to know what foods to eat — especially if it represents a shift in eating from ways to which they’ve been accustomed all of their lives.

Proper nutrition is critical to supporting successful aging and wellbeing. A registered dietitian can coordinate care with other health aides and family. They’ll also take into account preferences, cultural influences, and availability when making recommendations.

Insurance We Accept

We accept Medicare and MediCal. Private Insurance and Private Pay. We can work with your insurance, please give us a call you have questions.

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