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Carmona's Care

In Home Care located in Los Angeles, CA

If illness, age, or a chronic condition compromises your daily activity, a caregiver can give you compassionate, quality support for all your personal needs. Carmona’s Care offers caregiver services to residents who live in Los Angeles and the surrounding counties. They’ll provide you with the highest quality private care in the community.

Caregiver Q & A

What services does a caregiver provide?

A caregiver is like a member of your family who helps with hygiene, preparing meals, grocery shopping, light housework, and simple tasks. They provide companionship and support. A caregiver may arrange transport to doctor’s appointments and accompany you on errands.

The set of tasks and duties a caregiver provides each day varies, but always falls under the category of providing basic support. Specific examples of caregiver tasks include:

  • Transitioning you from bed to the toilet or to a chair
  • Arranging medical appointments
  • Picking up medication
  • Handling a medical crisis or emergency by alerting 911 or appropriate care
  • Filling the position of being on-call for immediate needs

Carmona’s Care caregivers provide the highest quality care in the Los Angeles and surrounding community. Their professional staff is available to provide 24 hour care for patients.

Can a caregiver provide medical assistance?

A caregiver does not offer medical services, but can alert a nurse or doctor if such care is required. Specific medical care duties that need to be performed by a nurse, not a caregiver, include medicine administration, injections, and wound care. A caregiver can help you refill prescriptions and arrange their pickup.

What specific information will a caregiver need to know?

A caregiver will be informed of your diagnosis in order to know how to plan ahead for any complications. They’ll also be given phone numbers to family members and medical staff in case of emergency. The caregiver knows of relevant community resources, such as Meals on Wheels, to assist you when they’re not there. Carmona’s Care can provide round-the-clock caregiver services, too.

Who is a candidate to receive a caregiver’s services?

Seniors who have compromised daily function but wish to stay in their home, and people with chronic and disabling conditions commonly enlist a caregiver for help. If family lives far away or if a patient wishes to not burden family, friends, and neighbors with day-to-day care, a caregiver provides relief. A caregiver can also relieve family or friends for a short time and assure loved ones that the patient is cared for while they’re away.

Insurance We Accept

We accept Medicare and MediCal. Private Insurance and Private Pay. We can work with your insurance, please give us a call you have questions.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Healthcare