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Physical Therapy

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Carmona's Care

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Physical therapy promotes recovery from surgery or a serious health event, such as stroke or fall. The professional staff of Carmona’s Care provides in-home physical therapy services to residents of Los Angeles and the surrounding counties. Contact the office to receive the highest quality reliable, effective care.

Physical therapy Q & A

What physical therapy services does Carmona’s Care provide?

The physical therapists affiliated with Carmona’s Care provide therapeutic exercises, gait training, pain management, and education on safety precautions. The intent of physical therapy is to increase your mobility, strength, coordination, and balance.

Why might I need physical therapy?

You benefit from physical therapy if you’ve had major surgery, an illness, or an operation. This might include a joint replacement or amputation. Physical therapy also helps if you’re recovering from a broken bone. Seniors suffering from balance challenges and those at risk of falls can learn to be more self sufficient and to prevent accidents. They’ll also improve their balance and strength, and know how to handle themselves in the event of a fall.

Physical therapy is also beneficial in cases of joint pain, back pain, difficulty walking, stroke, heart failure, heart attack, poor stamina, depression, poor coordination, stiffness, weakness, or other notable declines in function. It can also make simple actions, such as getting out bed or a chair, more manageable. A doctor may also recommend physical therapy if you have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) or arthritis.

What does physical therapy entail?

To facilitate strengthening, healing, and pain relief, physical therapy includes strength and flexibility exercises, joint mobilization, and massage. Home-based therapy allows you to regain your independence in a convenient and comfortable environment.

A physical therapist caters to your specific mobility needs. The in-home care provided by Carmona’s Care makes it convenient and time efficient, so you never miss an appointment. Consistency is key in successful recovery and rehabilitation. Receiving in-home therapy also reduces the risks of travel and navigating a new environment such as a doctor’s office, unfamiliar parking lots, and stairs.

Carmona’s Care therapists maintain an open and warm relationship with their patients. Always communicate if you aren’t comfortable with certain exercises or are feeling pain; the therapy must work for you.

Is a lot of space or equipment needed for physical therapy?

All that’s required is a chair or bed for support and a small area for exercise. In most cases, the therapist can find room in your home that’s appropriate.The therapist will bring any necessary equipment, such as resistance bands, with them.

Insurance We Accept

We accept Medicare and MediCal. Private Insurance and Private Pay. We can work with your insurance, please give us a call you have questions.

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